Anti-Vibration 2" Base Leveling Mount with 1/4"-28x1.75" Threaded Stud

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Product Details

Part Number: MM5028A
Series: Leveling Mounts
Fastening Type: Threaded Stem
Fastening: 1/4"-28 x 1-3/4" stud
Base Material: Steel with Elastomer Pad
Base Size: 2" base dia.
Base Material: Steel with Elastomer Pad
Height: 2-3/4"
Construction: Vibration isolating level mount, ideally used at near maximum load for best performance
Material: Heavy Duty Steel with Thick Anti-Vibration Elastomer Pad
Finish: Zinc Plated Stud with Yellow Base
Mfg: MM5028A
Features: Anti-vibration; USA-made

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