Grip ring stem casters are one of, if not the, most commonly used casters. Their lower capacity make them ideal for use on furniture and institutional casters for consumer and commercial office equipment applications.

Due to these common applications, they are also some of our top selling replacement casters, and we’re often asked how to install a grip ring caster. This post will go through those steps.

  1. Remove the old caster. Usually, the old caster can be removed by just pulling it out of its socket. It may take some good force to pull the grip ring out of the channel in the socket, but once it is loose, the caster should come right out. Use pliers or the claw side of a hammer for additional leverage if needed.
  2. Sometimes the wheels may break away from the stem, leaving it in place. If this happens, use a pair of pliers to grip the stem and pull the stem out of the socket.
  3. If you haven’t already, measure the length of the caster stem to make sure you get the right replacement. Check out our guide on how to measure a caster stem if you need help.
  4. If the piece of equipment or furniture uses round or square sockets, it’s a good idea to inspect these for damage, and replace them if necessary.
  5. Insert the new caster into place. It may be hard at first as you’ll have to get the actual ring to fit inside the socket. If needed, use a rubber mallet or another soft tool to gently tap the caster into place and prevent damage.


That’s it! While it may take some brute strength, replacing a grip ring stem caster is not a difficult task, and definitely something any DIY’er should be able to conquer themselves. If you need help choosing the right replacement caster, let us know. Our caster experts will make sure you get the right caster for your specific needs!

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