Top 5 inch Wheel Casters

5" wheel casters, also commonly referred to as 5 inch caster wheels, are rolling casters that contain a 5" diameter wheel. They come in various configurations, such as:

  • 5" swivel casters: which freely rolls and rotates to allow for easy turning
  • 5" rigid casters: where the wheel freely rolls in a rigid frame, but the frame does not swivel for turning; typically, these are used in-conjunction with swivel casters to allow for steering and flexibility in turning (like a typical shopping cart)
  • 5" caster with a brake (also commonly referred to as locking): a brake or lock is often an option on most swivel casters, and also sometimes on select rigid casters; brakes allow you to securely lock the wheels (and also the swivel if it is a total lock) so your equipment or cart stays in place for safety

5" wheel casters can also come in a variety of fastening types and wheel tread widths. The larger the wheel tread width, the more capacity the caster will typically handle. You will find our 5" caster wheels available in 15/16", 1", 1.25", 2", and 3" wide wheel widths (nominal). The available fastening types are typically dependent on the wheel width. Stem fastening types, such as threaded stems, grip ring stems, hollow rivet or hollow kingpin, and modular or expanding stems are typically available in wheel widths under 2" wide. Plate mounts, the most secure and durable form of mounting type, is available in all size and exclusively in 2" wide wheel widths and greater to handle the higher load capacities and abuse typical in industrial applications.

Many different wheel types will be found throughout our 5" caster wheel offering, these include:

  • 5" phenolic wheel casters: phenolic wheels are economical, yet an extremely durable, high-capacity, and heavy-duty caster wheel
  • 5" rubber wheel casters: rubber wheels provide excellent floor and cargo protection, and can provide better shock absorption than harder wheels; performance rubber wheels are even capable of rejecting sharp and typically damaging materials, such as metal shavings
  • 5" polyurethane wheel casters: polyurethane wheels provide excellent durability and floor protection, truly one of the most versatile wheels for a variety of floor types–that is why you see them used for most grocery carts and carts/trucks at home improvement stores
  • 5" metal wheel casters: metal wheels provide the most durable and highest-capacity solution in caster wheels; they however do not offer the best in floor protection, but do handle heat and abuse the best
  • 5" nylon wheel casters, which are a premier alternative to metal wheels, as they carry similar load capacities but offer better floor protection and ergonomic value
  • 5" polyolefin wheel casters, which are the most economical solution (plastic wheels) and are lightweight and water resistant

Our 5" casters are most commonly purchased in a zinc plated finish for corrosion resistance, however, we do offer a full range of leading 5" stainless steel casters for those applications where corrosion resistance is of utmost priority. Available in premium and value-line offerings, our Type 304 stainless steel casters provide a critical defense to applications exposed to wash-downs, cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, and other environmental conditions that eventually cause oxidation and failure in standard casters.

There are many other types of 5" casters, with each having a unique purpose, such as:

  • maintenance-free and quiet 5" casters, featuring industrial precision ball bearings in both the swivel and wheels
  • kingpinless 5" casters, which are built to handle shock and impact loading in industrial applications; these casters will outlast traditional kingpin casters, as they eliminate the kingpin altogether–which is a common failure point when it gets stretched or breaks
  • 5" dual wheel casters provide added product stability and allow you to gain higher load capacities (even when using softer or more floor protective wheels), along with gaining ease of rotation
  • 5" twin wheel casters (nylon twin wheel casters) can be a great solution for furniture or medical equipment, with many of our 5" twin wheels even featuring a soft and protective TPE wheel (Softech Series)
  • 5" spring loaded casters, or commonly referred to as 5" shock absorbing casters, help protect equipment and cargo while reducing operating noise and unwanted vibration through shock absorbers
  • 5" chrome medical casters are smooth, quiet, and easier to keep clean versus traditional zinc casters–helping maintain a safer environment for patients and equipment operators
  • 5" speciality casters can be custom developed and manufactured to accomplish the unique needs of a customer; minimums may apply depending on the customization or requirements

Need help selecting the right 5" caster for your needs? We are here to help! Simply contact us, chat with us, or call to start a conversation. We have been supplying trusted caster solutions for over 60 years and can quickly help solve even the most challenging of caster requirements.


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