4th Generation Expands – Focused On Solutions For The Future
After a momentous year of growth, including the celebration of our 60th Anniversary we are excited to start 2022 by welcoming another fourth-generation family member, Tyler Stohr, to the organization as Technical Lead. Tyler will play a lead role in our technical services team focused on providing customers with total plant and warehouse solutions that maximize their overall efficiency, productivity, and safety. 

Like his brother Travis, who joined the company in 2020, Tyler understood the family business rule requiring outside work experience prior to joining the company. Following his graduation from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Tyler accepted a position at Amazon as an Area Manager. After two years he was promoted to Operations Manager at one of its larger robotic fulfillment centers, which allowed him to be immersed in the field of technical automation within their fulfillment operations. Tyler is excited to bring his four and a half years of knowledge and forward-thinking to Conveyer & Caster and its customers.

Tyler will be completing the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification in February, a course focused on management techniques to improve business processes while reducing the probability of error and operating at a high-level of proficiency. Tyler will use these skills and his experience to provide customers the right equipment solutions coupled with lean process improvement and total implementation capabilities. His role and skillset will enable Conveyer & Caster to better service all aspects of a customer’s operations, from providing the latest in automation equipment to project management that ensures quality results.

“I am excited to join the family business and do what I love, creating and delivering solutions that drive long-term success,” said Tyler. “As automation continues to change how many companies operate, we are ready to help them with the right conveyors, robots, racking, and material handling equipment that collectively work together to meet their goals and make them as efficient as possible.”

Joining the Conveyer & Caster team means that Tyler will be working with his father: Jeff Stohr, CEO; uncle: Trevor Stohr, President; and brother: Travis Stohr, Business Development. Travis and Tyler are looking forward to working together and the rest of the 50 team members to continue to grow Conveyer & Caster and build on its mission and vision for the future.

“One of the benefits of a family business is the opportunity to work together cross-generationally and capitalize on each other’s strengths to provide the best products and services to our customers,” noted Jeff Stohr, CEO. “I am thrilled and proud to see my sons working together each day, it is definitely an additional perk of going into the office each day. I look forward to seeing their strengths continue to bring benefit to the business and value to our customers.”

According to the Johnson School of Business at Cornell and Businessweek.com (2010), the average lifespan of family-owned businesses is 24 years, with only 13% successfully surviving to a 3rd generation, and only a mere 3% surviving into the 4th  generation. When asked about this, Jeff added, “We are proud to have just celebrated our 60th and will definitely be in that small percentage of growing companies who make it into the 4th generation. We have big plans in 2022 and look to continue to grow our team and customer base as these initiatives launch. We are really excited about the future with our entire team, and it is a big plus that Tyler and Travis are now part of that team.”


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