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Spooktactular Halloween DIY Ideas

Oct 26, 2012 7:58:00 AM

Halloween is lurking right around the corner just waiting to pounce on you, and if you’ve been dreaming about a home-made Halloween then you’ve come to the right place. For a holiday that’s all about tricks and treats, there is certainly a lot of DIY required to do it justice. Here are three ideas to make your Halloween a little more spooktacular!

An untraditional Jack O’LanternCarving a pumpkin into a funny face or creepy creature is a fun, relatively inexpensive family activity. It’s also a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. If you’re looking for something a little bit different to make your Jack O’Lantern stand out this season try painting the pumpkin black or white. 1. Purchase a pumpkin. 2. Hollow it out like you would a typical Jack O’Lantern. 3. Paint the pumpkin with black or white floral paint from your local craft store. Note: Be sure to follow all paint manufacturer’s safety precautions. 4. Let the paint dry completely. 5. Carve the pumpkin as desired. The end result will be Jack O’Lantern that looks completely unique whether its being viewed in the middle of the day or at midnight!

Roll out the welcome mat If you have a long or dark driveway or just want to light the way for hapless victims (a.k.a. trick or treaters) make Halloween luminaries. There are a couple of different ways you can do this. You can purchase white lunch bags and draw ghostly faces on them or you can purchase regular lunch bags and either stencil or cut out creepy messages or monsters on them. 1.1. Purchase your desired lunch bags. 1.2. Draw or stencil a design or message and cut out (if desired). Note: Be careful about cutting the bag - cutting too much will weaken the structure and make the bag sag or become a fire hazard. 1.3. Open up bags and fold the top down 1 to 2 inches. 1.4. Fill each bag with approximately 2 inches (2 cups) of sand. 1.5. Smooth the sand out so it forms an even layer at the bottom of each bag. 1.6. Place a votive candle in the center - kind of press it down into the sand and make sure its stable. Note: You can try using flameless candles as well. 1.7. Place the luminaries (bags) on a flat surface where they are unlikely to tip over. 1.8. Light the candle using a long lighter (like the kind you would use for a grill). Travel in style If your child is a little bit too young to make the trick or treat pilgrimage on foot, but you don’t want to hide his or her costume by breaking out that stroller consider making a mode of transportation that not only shows of your child’s costume but compliments it. Here are two options: You can either decorate a wagon so it’s the same theme as your child’s costume or you can purchase a wooden box/crate, add some casters to it (to make it mobile), and attach a strap (for handle so that you can pull the box). Decorating a wagon is certainly easier; however, purchasing a wooden box allows you to go a little crazier with the decor and have something that’s smaller than a wagon. Here are a few ideas: • If your child is a lion (or other wild animal) paint bars on the wood box (or use strips of cardboard or paper) to make it look like a cage at the zoo. You could also try to make it look like the platform the ringmaster and animals stand on at the circus. • If your child is a rabbit try adding Easter grass, plastic eggs, and (if using a wood box) painting the outside in pastel colors to make it look like an Easter basket. • If your child is a princess try adding lots of pink, tulle, and glue on gems to make it seem like a carriage fit for any princess. • If your child is a police officer try a black and white paint job with the words “Police Officer of ___ (insert your town name here)” stenciled on. With a little time, work, and imagination you can turn that wagon or wood box into the perfect accessory for your child’s costume! There are a lot of great DIY Halloween ideas out there - don’t be afraid to go a little mad scientist and do some experimenting this year. Whatever you end up with will certainly be wonderfully horrifying.

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