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Moving bundles of 25-foot-long aluminum rails, tubes, rods, and other extrusions isn’t easy. For years, BRT Extrusions in Niles, Ohio, used forklifts to carry their bulky products from the packaging station to the weighing station and then to shipping or storage. 

But it was risky. Maneuvering wide loads through narrow aisles—between workers and workstations—could potentially damage products or equipment, and injure people. 


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Conveyors Connect Every Process

Mar 22, 2017 9:28:27 AM

In manufacturing and logistics, conveyors are essential elements for moving products into, through, and out of one location to the next. Conveyors link all processes of manufacturing, transferring components and work-in-progress from a starting point to finished packaging.

The equipment may also move products in a distribution center picking point to a loading dock. Moreover, a conveyor may be necessary to move finished products into a truck for delivery.

There are as many types and configurations of conveyor systems as there are uses. Conveyer and Caster’s Total Material Handling Solutions design, produce and install any conveyor configuration to expedite product movement, whether as individual units or cases to fully loaded pallets and totes.  

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Utilizing space efficiently is a large concern for many businesses that rely on warehouse facilities for production purposes. Similarly, Hinkley Lighting faced a serious warehouse space problem in their large facility that could no longer sustain the rate of growth the company was experiencing. 

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Have you ever wondered how you keep a bicycle upright while in motion, riding on tires that are less than an inch in width? Riding a bike, at first glance, seems like a tightrope feat. Yet, we consider bicycle riding to be a simple enough feat that even a six-year-old child (or circus bear) can accomplish.

Why do we tend to steer a bike to the right as we lean and turn to the left? How does a bicycle remain stable even when not propelled by a rider?

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There are several factors you should take into consideration before beginning the installation process of your conveyor system. To help ensure that your project operates smoothly, we have outlined the prerequisite information typically requested before a system installation. Careful consideration should be taken to the following areas before beginning installation:

  • • Site Conditions
  • • Loading/Unloading Requirements
  • • Personnel Criteria
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